Angepinnt Teeworlds wurde der Todesstoß versetzt

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    • Chris schrieb:

      Die Bots sind doch inzwischen offline :o
      Sie sind wieder online!

      Im Thread auf (RIP Teeworlds (Page 1) — Community News — Teeworlds Forum) hat sich nun ein mutmaßlicher Insider zu Wort gemeldet. Nach ihm handelt es sich beim Schuldigen um Vali (derselbe der den berühmten ersten Bot für 0.6.0 veröffentlicht hat, den Vali-Bot). Auch bekannte Gesichter wie @RafaelXl und unser @Stitch626 sind wohl involviert, wäre hätte es gedacht (interessant ist, dass alle Deutsch sind):

      lucid.dreaming schrieb:

      This is happening again, right now... I can't play on vanilla servers :-/

      Schwertspize schrieb:

      In the end, yes, it's an intrinsic problem within the teeworlds protocol, a design mistake. Just as a side note, I first thought the servers were filled solely to enlarge the server status response which could easily be abused for an amplification attacks (and I even noticed at least one attack being performed that way). It's just yet another vulnerability that's there.

      No!, it is not just another vulnerability, this is exactly what he is doing, he has a ddos website, he is abusing teeworlds protocol to earn money.

      I know who is him, he is vali from exec clan, i worked for him, i had access to his spoofing servers, and i am the one who wrote in C the tools that he is using to abuse the teeworlds protocol :-/, but i got tired of this shit.

      He doesn't care about teeworlds, and there is not anything you can do to stop him, even if i tell you all his information. I know his provider, spoofing servers ips, ddos website url, name, etc..

      But honestly i don't think that would stop him, because i doubt the german police would do something with that information.

      PS: Someone needs to make a new teeworlds
      PS2: Stitch knows him too, and i know he is well known on teeworlds but stitch had access to one of the spoofing servers for a few hours, because i gave access to [MLP] Rafael and him for a few hours, then stitch had the opportunity "to stalk" the spoofing server with the htop command, plus i am sure he checked all files in the spoofing server too, then i am sure he knows everything too.
      PS3: I have a dream about to make a new teeworlds completely written in Ada 2012 with a lot of new features plus a secure network protocol (without DoS bugs), for all popular operating systems, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, *BSD (Like FreeBSD), iOS and Android.....
      PS4: Yes, i am Cider, the one who was ddosing ddnet, i was using vali's spoofing servers to ddos ddnet, but as i said i got tired of this shit.

      lucid.dreaming schrieb:

      fameless schrieb:

      lucid.dreaming: just another fatso kid, whithout life.
      Srsly, my hint: shut down your pc and achieve sth of value in life or either kill yourself ^_^

      Welcome to the internet.

      vali's friend?.

      ok i am gonna say some info about your friend so you and him get more mad.

      Lessig Bjoern is vali's real name, he lives in Berlin, his main spoofing server provider is dotsi, his ddos website is, he had 7 spoofing servers from 3 different providers when i was working for him, but he only let me to use 1 for my personal things, because he was using the rest of servers for his customers.

      And btw your words don't hurt me :P i am not a kid that you can bully.

      I really don't see any reason to try to bully me online unless you are vali's friend, because in my last post i am just exposing him.

      There was no reason to try to bully me, because i stopped working for him and now i am exposing him, i could have continue creating new tools for him.... but i got tired.... then you are vali's friend.

      And btw you commited a big error trying to bully me :D, now i am gonna expose him everywhere, i will talk to deen now :D

    • lucid.dreaming schrieb:

      Magnet schrieb:

      @lucid.dreaming You said he's doing this to earn money. Can you explain how?


      First of all, let me talk about vali and his chinese mate.

      They offer a "Professional Stress Testing Service" at this website (this is the english version)

      If you buy a membership then you can launch DDoS attacks from their website.

      And it is possible to use Teeworlds' protocol to reflect and amplify DDoS attacks by using ip spoofing.

      And vali knows it...

      Then, basically, if you buy a membership, you can launch DDoS attack that use the Teeworlds' protocol, from his website.

      If you register at his website (registration is free), and you go to the Hub, you can see a DDoS method called "TEE Reflection AMP".

      And that's how he is earning money by abusing the Teeworlds' protocol.

      This is a DDoS attack
      This is IP Address Spoofing